3 most loved shapes for bikini waxing

3 most loved bikini wax styles

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Bikini waxing has become an art nowadays

Brazilian wax has been so popular and women demand for different shapes for bikini waxing. Apart from body care, ladies pay more attention to their pubic hair and want different styles down there. Creating bikini hair shapes by waxing requires really good techniques and not all waxing salon can do that for you. Thus, bikini waxing has now become an art. 

If you are familiar with bikini wax, we are sure you know which shape you want. But if this is your first bikini wax, you want to know a little more before you head to the waxing salons, just read more. 

There are many shapes for bikini waxing, but let’s figure out 3 most loved bikini wax shapes at Waxing House.

3 most loved bikini wax styles
3 most loved bikini wax styles

❶ Bikini waxing with heart shape: Sweety style

Heart shaped bikini wax: Sweety style

This bikini wax removes all hair on sides, under and some on top, leaving a loving heart-shaped patch right above your below part. Heart shape is a romantic, sweety style that many girls want to get when they come for the first bikini wax. This bikini wax requires precision waxing techniques that you may not find anywhere else but at Waxing House’s salons.

❷ Bikini waxing with the triangle shape: Trendy style

The triangle shaped bikini wax: Trendy style

This bikini wax removes some hair on top, all hair on sides and under, leaving a neat triangle shape right above your below part. Active girls with strong personalities love this trendy style. This Brazilian wax also requires precision waxing techniques. The big or small triangle depends on how you want.

The Hollywood wax: Zero style

The Hollywood style, or Zero style, removes all of the hair at the bikini area. At Waxing House, our clients call this “full bikini wax”. Nowadays ladies are more confident and more active, leading to high demand for full bikini wax. 80% of our clients love this Zero style with no hair left at their private parts. If you like “Free of hair”, a full bikini wax is the right choice for you.

The Hollywood bikini wax: Zero style

Do you want other shapes for bikini waxing? No matter what shapes you want, we can do it all at Waxing House.

Popular bikini waxing shapes
Popular bikini waxing shapes

Make sure to choose a good waxing salon. A waxing salon with professional techniques and good waxes will exactly create your wanted shape, provide the most comfortable bikini wax with least pain and high hygiene.

Brazilian wax at Waxing House

Click HERE if you want to know more information about our bikini waxing service. Once you get a bikini wax at Waxing House, you’ll love it.

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