Bikini wax for pregnant ladies – the best choice

Bikini wax for pregnant ladies

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Should pregnant ladies get bikini hair removal?

Should pregnant ladies get bikini hair removal? This is the question that many women ask during pregnancy. The answer is YES.

However, which hair removal methods are good for pregnant ladies? Is bikini wax for pregnant ladies is the best choice compared with other methods?

Bikini hair removal for pregnant ladies
Bikini hair removal for pregnant ladies

Let’s find out why hair grows more during pregnancy, and safe ways to remove private hair during pregnancy.

Why does hair grow more during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, you will see more, faster and stronger hair growth in many areas of your body. The most common areas to notice more hair growth include: arms, legs, armpits, and bikini. Some main causes of more hair regowth during pregnancy are:

  • Androgen level in the body increases
  • Taking vitamin supplements during pregnancy, sleep more, and eat well
  • The presence of the progesterone hormone also makes the hair follicles strong

Why do pregnant ladies need to remove their bikini hair?

  • Strong and thick hair at private part causes discomfort. Many pregnant ladies recognize more active sweat glands during this period. Thick hair makes the private area hot and keep sweat odor.
  • It is harder to clean your private part when your baby is growing day by day. Therefore, the bikini hair removal makes it easier to clean the private area.
  • During childbirth, most doctors or nurses will shave your private hair for hygiene reason. That’s why many women may not remove the private hair during pregnancy, but will remove their bikini hair before giving birth.

Why bikini wax for pregnant ladies is the best choice?

The popular methods for bikini hair removal during preganancy are: shaving, using depilatory cream, waxing.

Using a razor or depilatory cream are the most common methods that many pregnant ladies choose at the beginning, as they are easy and painless. However, shaving or using depilatory creams will make the hair grow thicker because the hair follicles are not taken away. What about bikini waxing during pregnancy? Which hair removal methods are safe for pregnant ladies?

1. Is bikini shaving good?

When you’re not pregnant, shaving your private hair is quite easy. But with a bigger belly and strong hair growth, bikini hair shaving is no longer easy. Additionally, hair grows back harder after shaving, causing itching and discomfort, especially after giving birth. Shaving is safe if you don’t scratch your private part. However, carefully consider shaving your bikini area before going to the hospital for birthgiving.

2. Is it safe to use hair removal cream?

Depilatory cream does not take away the hair follicles at the roots, it only removes hair on the skin’s surface. Therefore, the hair regrows more and stroner than before.

The main ingredients of hair removal cream are barium sulfide powder and calcium thioglycolate. These chemicals will melt the hairs after applying the cream on the skin. After leaving the depilatory cream on skin for 15-20 minutes, simply wipe the cream off, then rinse the skin with water. To remove the odors of chemicals, the manufacturer adds scent agents. A pregnant woman’s sense of smell and private part are much more sensitive than before. As a result, she may be allergic to the chemicals or scent agents found in hair removal creams.

During pregnancy, the private area often becomes darkened. Using depilatory creams may darken the genital skin more. Chemicals in the cream can stay on your skin even if you wash your skin with water.

There have not had studies showing that using a hair removal cream during pregnancy can harm mother and baby. However, you should carefully consider the possibility of skin irritation when choosing this method. If you feel stinging or burning when applying the depilatory cream on the skin, rinse your skin well with cool water immediately. After that, you should apply lotion and stop using the depilatory cream again.

3. Bikini wax for pregnant ladies

Waxing takes away hair follicles at the roots, making hair regrowth softer and thinner. But most pregnant ladies only think about bikini wax when they are about to go to the hospital for birthgiving as they are afraid of pain. Getting bikini wax the first time might be painful, but if you choose a professional waxing spa, it won’t hurt too much. A bikini waxing with minimal pain for a pregnant woman is more difficult than normal. This requires the beautician to have very good bikini waxing techniques and waxing products are specifically designed for sensitive skin. If pregnant ladies get regular bikini wax every 1-2 months, the bikini waxing will be much less painful.

Also, the genital area can become darker if the spa uses wax containing bad components. Bad waxes often melt at a higher temperature, so you may feel burning when they are applied on your skin. In addition, the skin may also get red or irritated long time after waxing. With good waxes, you will feel moderately hot or warm, and almost no redness or irritation remains after the bikini wax.

Moreover, many pregnant ladies are concerned about hygiene issues during the waxing process. Many spas only use one wooden stick to do bikini waxing, dip the stick again and again in the wax pot. Besides, some spas still reuse wax to save the cost, which can cause infection for the waxed area. Using unprofessional post-waxing products such as non-after-waxing oil or cream can clog pores and cause ingrown hairs later.

Pregnant ladies should choose a reputable waxing spa for a less painful and hygienic bikini wax. You should request more information about the spa’s bikini waxing procedure, waxing products that they use. If the spa does not use professional waxing products, it is the best not to get bikini wax there. The reason is: not all products can be used for the waxed areas.

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