Brazilian laser hair removal: Top 10 frequently asked questions

Brazilian laser hair removal

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Brazilian laser hair removal has been so popular in Asia. Many people choose to get laser hair removal instead of waxing for the bikini area.

If you are considering getting a brazilian laser hair removal…

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Read this post! We hope that you will find all the answers you need.

Brazilian laser hair removal
Brazilian laser hair removal

❶ What is the difference between bikini and brazilian laser hair removal?

There are different types of bikini laser hair removal. At Waxing House, there are 2 types with slight differences as below:

Bikini laser hair removal removes the hair on both sides, at the top and the bottom of the intimate area. The size of the treated area will depend on how much hair you want to remove. You can also decide the shape of the hair you want to leave: round, triangle, landing strip… This is suitable for those who do not want to remove all hair.

Brazilian laser hair removal (full bikini laser hair removal) removes ALL of your intimate hair. This is suitable for those who want to feel “free of hair”. 

Please be reminded that we charge for the back hole laser hair removal separately for women.

❷ Is it safe? Can a pregnant woman get Brazilian laser hair removal?

Yes, Brazilian laser hair removal is safe, but it is not suggested for pregnant women.

In 1997, the U.S Food and Drug Administration approved laser hair removal as a safe method to remove the hair. However, the treatment is only safe when a well-trained technician performs the procedure and the machine is in a good condition. Also, an experienced technician will be able to reduce risks and provide excellent results.

Although it is a safe procedure, doctors usually advise pregnant women not to get laser hair removal. No studies have been done to prove that it’s safe for mothers and babies. If you are pregnant, you should better switch to Brazilian waxing.

❸ Is it painful than a Brazilian wax?

Brazilian laser hair removal might be painful, but not more than Brazilian wax. It is even much less painful than you  think.

At Waxing House, with good machines and experienced technicians, you do not need numbing cream or relief pills before or after the treatment. The area may be a little red and irritated immediately after each session, but this will quickly disappear.

But if you are on or near your period, you may experience more pain during the treatment than normal.

❹ How many sessions do I need?

At least 8-10 sessions.

Brazilian laser hair removal needs more sessions than any other parts of the body. The hair grows thicker and harder in the intimate area. The hair roots are also stronger and bigger down there. Therefore, you will need to get at least 8-10 sessions to achieve satisfactory results. 

Everybody is different, so the number of needed sessions varies per individual. The number of sessions will also vary on many factors such as the hair growth cycle, hormone levels, as well as genetics. People whose hair grows faster and coarser will need additional sessions. People with high hormone levels, light color hair or white hair roots also need more sessions than others. 

In brief, nobody can tell exactly how many bikini laser hair removal sessions you will need. You will need multiple treatments in 8-12 months to get the best result. Please be patient if you want to get Brazilian laser hair removal.

❺ Is laser hair removal permanent? How long do the results last?

Laser hair removal is not permanent but it is long-lasting. Some people see hair reduction for a few months while others enjoy smooth, stubble-free skin for years.

Long-lasting results vary per individual due to many factors mentioned above. It is normal that you might notice a few hairs left or some new hairs start to regrow after a certain time. Therefore, touch-ups may be needed to maintain the result. 

❻ Does Brazilian laser hair removal improve ingrown hairs?

Some people get ingrown hair in the bikini area. With these people, bikini wax may lead to more ingrown hair, but Brazilian laser hair removal is a great way to reduce it. After a few sessions, you will notice a reduction in ingrown hairs. 

❼ Does the hair fall out right away? What happens right after the treatment?

Because Brazilian wax takes off the hair root right away, you feel smooth skin right after waxing. Opposite to waxing, you will feel like nothing happens after the Brazilian laser hair removal treatment. It often takes 5-14 days to see hair fall out after the treatment. After that time, you can enjoy the hair-free feeling. 

However, not 100% of the hair will fall out, some will be left and need more sessions to drop. As mentioned above, you will need multiple sessions to achieve the expected results.

❽ Should I shave before the Brazilian laser hair removal?

Shaving the intimate area before the treatment is essential as this is a very sensitive area. Even a careful shaving might cause slight scratches, and the skin need time to recover. Therefore, it is better to shave the intimate area at least 1 day in advance to ensure a safe, comfortable and effective result from the laser hair removal treatment.

❾ How often should I get Brazilian laser hair removal?

At Waxing House, clients should get a bikini, Brazilian laser hair removal every 3-4 weeks. Other spas may require more or less time for re-touch sessions depending on machines and technology. But, the minimum interval time for laser treatment in the intimate area should be around 3-4 weeks to ensure safety.

❿ Aftercare for bikini laser hair removal

To minimize side effects, you must follow the proper aftercare guide. 

  • Avoid sun exposure. You should not get a bikini or Brazilian laser hair removal 2 weeks before and after going to the beach.
  • Wear loose clothing.
  • Avoid using hot water for cleansing the private areas, hot tubs, and steam rooms within the first 5-7 days after the treatment.
  • Do not go to swimming pools containing chlorine water 5-7 days before and after the treatment. Chlorine is not good for the intimate area before anf after laser treatment or waxing.
  • Apply the professional lotion on the intimate area everyday to nourish skin.

More questions?

As we know, shaving, waxing, and other hair removal methods can be time-consuming or painful. Laser hair removal is time-saving, less painful and effective. Do not forget to consult with your technician before starting the bikini/brazilian laser hair removal treatment so you know what to expect.

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