Diode laser and E-light: which one is better for hair removal?

The differences between Diode laser and E-light

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Waxing House often gets questioned “Diode laser and E-light: which one is better for hair removal?”. We also get questioned “Is Diode laser better for laser hair removal?”.

Diode laser and E-light are the newest and most effective technologies for hair removal. However, not many people undestand the differences between Diode laser and E-light. Let’s read more to find out which one is better when getting laser hair removal.

Diode laser and E-light: which one is better for hair removal?
Diode laser and E-light: which one is better for hair removal?

What is E-light?

E-Light is the combination of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF). E-light is an advanced technology that simultaneously harnesses the power of radio frequency (RF) and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).

1️⃣ Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) uses a wide spectrum of light with wavelengths of between 650 nm and 1064 nm to target and destroy the hair follicles, leading to hair reduction.

2️⃣ Radio Frequency (RF) is a popular noninvasive technology that raises the temperature of the deep layers of the skin, changing the structure of collagen and regenerating skin cells. RF will add more heat to follicles during hair removal treatment, decreases the pore size , tightens the skin, and provides wrinkle reduction.

➡️ As a result, E-light (IPL combines with RF), will provide more effective hair reduction compared with IPL only, and add skin care effects at the same time. Because of using broad spectrum of light, E-Light is suitable with almost skin and hair types. Additionally, new E-light machines has a very good cooling system, making the treatment much more pleasant and much less painful than IPL treatment.

E-light normally has big spots, you can save time when getting treatments for the large areas such as back, shoulders, abdomen, and legs.

What is Diode laser?

Diode laser hair removal uses single, selective wavelength to target the melanin in the hair follicle.

Types of Diode lasers

Diode laser machines are characterized by their wavelength measured in nanometers (nm) as below:

  • Alexandrite (755 nm): advisable for pale skin (type I,II)
  • Popular diode laser (808 nm): effective for pale to medium skin (type II,III)
  • Nd:YAG (1064 nm): advisable for olive skin (type IV) and dark skin (type V).
  • Diode laser 4 wavelengths (combination of 4 wavelengths 755/808/940/1064 nm): effective for pale to dark skin.

All diode lasers have a very good cooling system. However, diode laser spot is rather small, which means patients need more time for their treatments. At present, Waxing House is using 4-wavelength Diode Laser.

Diode Laser and E-light: which one is better?

Diode laser and E-light: which one is better for hair removal?
How Laser, IPL and E-light works?

1️⃣ About wavelength

E-light has a wide spectrum from 650nm-1200nm. It is capable of spreading the energy evenly across all those wavelengths. Since everyone’s hair follicles fall within that range, E-light hair removal effectively works for most people.

Diode laser 4 wavelengths including 755, 808, 940, 1064 nm: The energy will be focused on those 4 wavelengths depending on the selected mode of skin color. Therefore, diode lasers may be more effective than E-light if your hair follicles are at the correct position of the 4 wavelengths. But if your hair follicles are out of those wavelengths, it may not works well on your case. Of course, the built-in wavelengths on the machine have been studied to be the most common wavelengthsfor most of skin and hair types.

2️⃣ Number of treatments

E-light and 4-wavelength diode laser work effectively on most skin and hair types from fair to dark skin. Since the diode laser focuses the energy on 4 wavelengths, if your hair follicles are suitable for 1 of the 4 wavelengths, the hair reduction effect will be slightly better than E-light and the number of treatments with laser diode can be less.

But if our diode laser doesn’t work for you, it means that your hair follicles are not in one of those 4 wavelengths, you should switch to E-light technology.

E-light and 4-wavelength diode laser work effectively on almost skin and hair types from fair to dark skin. With single wavelength diode lasers, you need to know which wavelength is the best for your skin and hair. However, with our diode laser, you do not need to remember about the suitable wavelength any more.

➡️ Conclusion

There is no such thing as ‘the best for all people”. Our advice is: you should be consulted ‘which is the best choice for your skin and hair type’. At Waxing House, we can switch between the 2 kinds of machines for the best hair reduction result without additional cost.

The key thing to consider when choosing a the right place: quality of treatments which is guaranteed by refund policy. Many spas provide very cheap laser hair removal with lifetime guarantee. They just said, if you do not see efficacy, just come back, they will do the treatments for you forever. Do you want to come back again and again for non-sense treatments? It wastes of your time.

At Waxing House, we use 4-wavelength laser diode technology (755/808/940/1064 nm) and New E-light to provide the most effective hair reduction for all skin and hair types. Our laser hair removal machines effectively works for both men and women. You’ll get good result or your money back within the first 3 sessions. It worths to try!

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