Basic facial skin care

Basic facial care with Japanese massage

Over time, your skin has been aging due to the impact of weather, unsuitable cosmetics, environment, food, hormonal change… Despite of the fact that you apply very good skin care products every morning and night, your skin still becomes less elastic, not firming, dull. Therefore, frequent proper facial skin care is very important and necessary to own a smooth and healthy looking.

Basic facial care including deep cleansing, massage with nourishing ampoules once a week is necessary to maintain and rejuvenate your skin. Additionally, your skin will easily absorb more nutrients from your serums or creams the following days.

Besides, you can also relax and enjoy our Japanese massage during facial care process. Our Japanese massage with facial acupressure is a procedure that uses the thumb, the other fingers and palms to put pressure on the skin. The aim is to relieve the muscle tiredness, create blood circulation to promote skin healthy and help the nutrients to be well absorbed into skin.

Please keep in mind that we don’t do deep skin extraction because it may damage the skin cells and make skin pores become bigger. If your skin needs extraction because of acne, we only extract the ready-breaking acne and facial massage is not applied after extraction.

How is the procedure?

Step 1: Make up removal

Step 2: Cleanse the face with CleanPop device and cleansing liquid

Step 3: Hot steam and dead cell removal with German enzyme

Step 4: Japanese style massage with Arcaya oil ampoule

Skin treatment with Arcaya ampoule

Step 5:  Use hot towel for oil residue removal and relaxation

Step 6: Apply suitable mask for each skin type

Step 7: During the mask: shoulder and neck massage (optional)

Step 8: Remove the mask

Step 9: Apply lotion and sunblock

With dedicated, professional and certified staffs, we will help you to have relaxing moment and beautiful, healthy skin.

How much is the basic facial care at Waxing House?

Facial care (normal, dry, oily skin) 249,000
Facial care WITH shoulder, neck massage (normal, dry, oily skin) 299,000
Facial care (WITH additional ampoule + shoulder, neck massage) 399,000