Men’s brazilian laser hair removal

Beside waxing, men’s Brazilian laser hair removal has become more polular. Not only women want to eliminate their private hair, men also fell uncomfortable with their genital hair. Many men prefer less hair or no hair down there. Laser hair removal for gentital area is less painful and the hair regrows much thinner than waxing. This is why more guys choose to get laser hair removal for the bikini area instead of waxing.

Try men’s Brazilian laser hair removal at Waxing House today! Our laser hair removal for men has been reviewed the most effective and safest service since 2010.

The benefits of male brazilian laser hair removal

Men‘s Brazilian laser hair removal
Men’s Brazilian laser hair removal

Men’s brazilian laser hair removal treatment results a smoother, cleaner look because it provides long-term hair reduction. And, this is much less painful than Brazilian waxing.

Treatment time for the men’s Brazilian is quick. It takes about 15 minutes excluding shaving time.

4 reasons you should get male brazilian laser hair removal at Waxing House

  1. Waxing House has been a prestigious place for waxing and laser hair removal service since 2010. We are highly recommended by many Vietnamese and foreigners. You can find many reviews about our services on Google.
  2. Get effectiveness or you’ll get 100% your money back. You don’t have to worry about wasting money and time for nonsense services.
  3. Our modern, high-quality machines safely provide the best hair removal result with minimum pain.
  4. We have private and clean rooms.

How many treatments is enough?

Since the genital hair is very strong, you will need at least 8-10 sessions to make it thinner and invisible. If you have fair hair, strong follicles and hormones, you will need more sessions than others. Therefore, the number of treatments depends on your hair types, hormone and age.

How much is male brazilian laser hair removal?

(single session)
Bikini line (depends on situation)500,000 – 700,000
Brazilian (front and back hole)850,000
Back hole only200,000
Price list for men’s brazilian laser hair removal at Waxing House

Best packages for male brazilian laser hair removal

Waxing House always has good packages for men’s brazilian laser hair removal:

Men’s service packages at Waxing House

The full package is only valid for 1 person, cannot be shared with others. Additionally, you can pay into 2-5 installments depending on the package amount. Thus, you can easily plan for your monthly expenses.

What if the laser does not work effectively on your hair?

Waxing House will give you a 100% refund if you do not see the improvement after the first 3 sessions.

Why it is 3 sessions? Because in the first 3 sessions, we will adjust the energy from low to high for better effects, and your skin can have time to get used to laser. Using high energy for the first session can burn your skin. Be patient, skin safety should be put in the highest priority, right?

How often should I get the treatment?

With genital area, the interval time between sessions should be at least 3-4 weeks.

How is the procedure?

1. Shaving

The genital skin is very sensitive, it’s the best you can shave your genital area at home the day before the treatment. However, if you cannot shave yourself, we will shave for you when you come. You should clean your private area before coming.

2. Carry out the laser treatment

  • Apply the gel onto the skin to cool, lubricate the machine’s handle and keep the light go straight down the hair follicles.
  • Adjust the mode and energy of the E-light or triple Diode laser machine depending on skin and hair type.
  • Thoroughly shoot on the genital area 3-5 times. We always start from low energy to high energy, do not force customers to endure the high energy like other places do.

3. Post-care after male Brazilian laser

Apply the specific after-treatment lotion to calm down, nourish and prevent ingrown hair. The lotion is completely light weight and safe to be used on the genital area, not the normal body lotion as other places use.

What you should/should not do after the treatment?

  • It’s better you use cool water for the first 1-2 days after the laser treatment
  • Do not go to the sauna within 2 days
  • Don’t go swimming within 5-7 days. The swimming pool water contains a lot of chlorine, which is not good for the skin
  • Do not use any exfoliator the genital area within 5-7 days
  • Use a specific lotion/cream to lighten, nourish the skin safely. The lotion will help skin to recover faster.