Men’s Brazilian wax

Can men get a brazilian wax?

Absolutely YES.

There is a common misconception that Brazilian wax is only for women, or only gay men wax. That is not true. Nowadays, straight athletes, body builders, and normal men get their genital waxed.

Brazilian wax is finally a unisex beauty treatment for everybody regardless of gender.

Benefits of men’s Brazilian wax

Male Brazilian Wax in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh

Men can get same benefits by getting regular Brazilian wax as women.

Shaving makes men’s genital hair regrow harder and stronger. Also, everyday shaving with razors takes time and money.

On the contrary, waxing brings much more comfortable feeling, hygiene and more sexual feeling. As waxing completely removes the hair roots, male brazilian waxing makes genital hair regrow thinner and softer.

Moreover, men do not need Brazilian wax every day, just only once a month is enough. That’s why it’s more popular today for men to switch from shaving to waxing their genitals.

What are popular styles for men’s Brazilian wax?

When getting brazilian waxing, a lot of men like everything off, but some men like little hair left. The popular style is short on the top (trimmed with scissors), and then wax around the edges, base of the shaft, testicles.

Is it painful?

Men tend to be babies about any type of pain. Pain varies depending on the individual. Getting a Brazilian wax is completely safe and not much painful for men if you go to a hygienic and professional waxing salon. Our experienced technicians know perfect waxing techniques, that makes Brazilian waxing much less painful.

Normally, the first wax is the most painful; our clients generally report that they feel less painful after two or three sessions. Thus, keeping up regular Brazilian waxing is the best way to get less pain, as your hair will thin out significantly and be easier to remove from the base.

5 reasons to get men’s Brazilian wax at Waxing House

Many guys may get horrible experiences with male Brazilian waxes elsewhere. But we are sure you will get comfortable Brazilian wax at Waxing House’s locations.

These are 5 reasons to get Brazilian wax at Waxing House:

  • We have professional and experienced staffs who can provide you with the best Brazilian wax.
  • Waxing House uses 100% Australian hot waxes from Jax Wax for brazilian wax. Our Australian hot waxes can remove men’s strong hair roots, but they are still very mild for sensitive skin.
  • New wooden sticks with no double dipping and bottom paper are used for each client, then disposed.
  • Private service rooms
  • Our staffs always wear gloves when performing men’s Brazilian waxing.

You cannot find any spa in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh with such a superb manzilian wax like at Waxing House.

How much is men’s brazilian wax?

Men’s Brazilian wax (Manzilian wax)COST (VND)
Brazilian / Manzilian (front and back hole) 800,000
Manzilian line (depending on situation) 400,000 – 750,000
Back hole only 150,000
Male brazilian wax price

Our good packages

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Good service packages Waxing House

FAQ about manzilian wax

What should I prepare for manzilian wax?

Cleanse your private area before coming.
You can cleanse your intimate area at our toilet if you are coming straight from work.

How long is the hair?

In order to completely remove the hair roots, the hair should be at least 0.5 cm, preferably 0.7-1 cm.
If you have recently shaved, you will need to wait about 2 weeks for the hair to regrow long enough. On the flip-side, if you need a pre-wax trim we are able to do this for you.

How long will manzilian waxing take?

It takes about 40-60 minutes depending on personal situation.

How often should I get manzilian wax?

Most men find they need brazilian wax once a month.

What should not I do after manzilian waxing?

You will need to avoid hot steaming, saunas, hot tubs in 24 hours.
After brazilian waxing, all dead cells are removed, you don’t need exfoliation within 7 days. Many places suggest you to use body scrubs for bikini area 3-4 days after wax to prevent ingrown hair, but that’s not recommended.
To prevent ingrown hair, you should use after-wax lotion because it contains active ingredients that has anti-bacterial function. Also, it nourishes, safely lighten your sensitive private area.

Get started!

Let’s see a video about a Korean man getting Brazilian wax at Waxing House Ho Chi Minh:

Video about a Korean man getting Brazilian wax at Waxing House Ho Chi Minh

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