Men’s waxing

Professional men’s waxing in Saigon and Hanoi

Men’s facial waxing
Men’s facial waxing

Men’s waxing has become incredibly popular, especially male Brazilian wax (manzilian wax). For sure, men also need hair removal to feel more comfortable and better hygiene. Waxing House has been providing the best full body and brazilian wax for men since 2010.

Man getting body hair waxing
Man getting body hair waxing at beauty salon

Why should you get waxing for men at Waxing House?

Men’s hair really is different from women’s hair. Due to hormones, men tend to have stronger, thicker hair and greater body hair growth. Male hair roots are much stronger. As a result, waxing for men is different from waxing for women. But don’t worry; our trained beauty staffs have the professional waxing techniques for every person and body area. Therefore, you’ll get super gentle waxing at Waxing House.

Moreover, our Australian waxes are able to completely remove strong men’s hair roots but still very mild with even sensitive skin. We use the combination of hot wax and warm wax for the best hair removal depending on the hair situation.

After waxing, we use professional post-wax oil to remove the wax residue, calm down the treated areas, then apply post-wax lotion to nourish the skin. You’ll feel no more pain after 5-15 minutes.

We have private service rooms for your comfortable feeling.

Waxing price list for men

Price list for men’s waxing
Price list for men’s waxing

Our good packages

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Or, if you are really sensitive with pain, laser hair removal will be a better choice. With laser, your hair roots will be destroyed and regrow much thinner after each session. The most important thing is that laser is much less painful than waxing.