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With vegan Australian hot waxes, professional waxing techniques, our Brazilian waxing has been the most loved service since 2010.

Bikini, Brazilian waxing at Waxing House
Bikini, Brazilian waxing at Waxing House

Do not need pain relief pills and almost no pain stays after waxing.

Come and feel the differences of our bikini wax – the most loved service for more than 10 years.

Why our brazilian waxing is different?

Firstly, we use Jax Wax Australia waxes for bikini, brazilian waxing including premium hot waxes, before and after wax oil and lotion.

Jax Wax Australia Alpine Bluebell products
Jax Wax Australia Alpine Bluebell products

We DON’T use strip waxes for Brazilian wax like other spas do. 100% hot waxes will be used for the most comfortable feeling and less pain.

Jax Wax Australia hot waxes
Jax Wax Australia hot waxes

Secondly, we use new wooden sticks (no double dipping) and bottom paper for each client then dispose.

Additionally, we always wear gloves when performing your Brazilian wax.

Thirdly, our staffs are ưell-trained with professional waxing technique.

Moreover, almost staffs can communicate in English to understand your demand.

We have private service rooms, or shared room with very thick curtains between beds for your comfortable feeling.

How much does Brazilian, Bikini wax cost?

Bikini waxing styles
Bikini waxing styles

We provide competitive rates and superior Brazilian waxing service that you won’t find anywhere else.

Bikini Wax price at Waxing House
Bikini wax price at Waxing House

We can confidently say that there are not many salons in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city where you can experience a comfortable, efficient and professional bikini wax like at Waxing House.


Time needed: 30 minutes.

Bikini waxing steps at Waxing House


    We suggest you cleanse with intimate gel before coming to spa, or you can do that at our spa before waxing. Or, our staffs will use pre-wax liquid to clean with wet tissue.


    The hot waxes will be applied on the bikini area at a warm temperature. We use the most comfortable wax for sensitive skin and tiny wooden sticks to ensure the least pain.


    After wax, we use professional after-wax oil to completely remove the wax residue, calm down your skin and release the pain if any.
    (Some places use baby massage oil or other oils which easily causes pore clogging and ingrown hair after wax later. Those oil are not specific oil for removing wax residue).


    After using after-wax oil to remove the wax residue, we apply after-wax lotion formulated with tea tree oil and antioxidants on the waxed area.
    This specific lotion will help to calm down, rejuvenate the skin, prevent ingrown hairs and nourish the skin.
    This professional after-wax lotion is safe to be used for the bikini area. And, it is available with 100ml bottle at our spas for purchasing to use at home.


What should I prepare for bikini waxing?

Cleanse your private area before coming.
You can cleanse your intimate area at our toilet if you are coming straight from work.

What waxes are used for bikini waxing?

We use hot waxes from Jax Wax Australia.

How long is the hair?

In order to completely remove the hair roots, the hair should be at least 0.5 cm, preferably 0.7-1 cm.
If you have recently shaved, you will need to wait about 2 weeks for the hair to regrow long enough. On the flip-side, if you need a pre-wax trim we are able to do this for you.

How long will bikini waxing take?

Depending on personal situation, it takes about 30-60 minutes for a Brazilian or Hollywood wax.

How often should I get bikini waxing?

Most of our clients find they need to come in every 3 – 5 weeks.

Can I get bikini waxed during my period?

YES. Just be aware that the bikini area is more sensitive during this time, so you may feel more painful than usual. And, you will need to wear a tampon if you want to get bikini wax.

Is it safe to have a Brazilian wax while pregnant?

Yes. However, you may experience more skin sensitivity due to the hormonal changes during pregnancy. Our wax specialists will make you as comfortable as possible during brazilian wax.

What should not I do after bikini waxing?

You will need to avoid hot steaming, saunas, hot tubs in 24 hours.
After brazilian waxing, all dead cells are removed, you don’t need exfoliation within 7 days. Many places suggest you to use body scrubs for bikini area 3-4 days after wax to prevent ingrown hair, but that’s not recommended.
To prevent ingrown hair, you should use after-wax lotion because it contains active ingredients that has anti-bacterial function. Also, it nourishes, safely lighten your sensitive private area.