Do’s – Don’ts before and after waxing

If you are getting waxed, you should think about Do’s - Don'ts before and after [...]

3 most loved shapes for bikini waxing

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Brazilian laser hair removal: Top 10 frequently asked questions

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Ingrown hair: causes and how to treat

What is ingrown hair? How do you know you have ingrown hair? What are main [...]

Diode laser and E-light: which one is better for hair removal?

Diode laser and E-light are the most advanced and effective technologies for laser hair removal. [...]

The best place for professional eyebrow waxing

Waxing House - The best place for eyebrow waxing. With professional waxing techniques, you’ll have [...]

Waxing for men: the popular trend

Waxing for men has been a popular trend. Men also need waxing to eliminate their [...]

Bikini wax for pregnant ladies – the best choice

Should pregnant ladies get bikini hair removal? The common methods for bikini hair removal during [...]

Bikini hair removal and information you need to know

Should you remove your public hair? Popular methods for bikini hair removal at home. Safe [...]

Why does intimate area darkening happen? How can we lighten?

Intimate area darkening is very common. 7 reasons why our intimate areas get darker and [...]

7 reasons to get bikini waxing at Waxing House

7 reasons to get bikini waxing at Waxing House. Figure out why our Brazilian wax [...]

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