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Effective laser hair removal in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh with 100% money back guarantee.

We have been providing laser hair removal for men and women since 2010 with the highest quality in the market.

Don’t waste your money on cheap laser hair removal with no effectiveness. At Waxing House, you’ll get money back if you see no effectiveness after 3 sessions.

Why can we offer “100% Money back guarantee”?

Because we have…

Modern, updated laser hair removal machines

Laser hair removal at Waxing House

New Elight and Diode laser machines are directly imported by Dalink Vietnam to ensure the best quality. The light will penetrate into skin with precisely installed wavelengths which is safe for skin, effective for hair removal. Low-quality machines may lead to skin burning or ineffective treatments.

We have 2 technologies for laser hair removal:

  • Elight (combination of IPL and RF)
  • Diode laser (with 4 different wavelength 755nm, 808nm, 940nm, and 1064nm)

With 2 newest technologies (new Elight and Diode laser), our laser hair removal provides really good results for almost skin and hair colors, even men’s strong hair.

We update our machines every year to provide the best results and our machines work well on both men and women’s hair. Besides, we can switch between machines during your treatments for the best result with no additional cost.

Good customer care

Our experienced beauticians always care about your skin differences. We always start from the low energy and gradually increase to higher level. We never force our clients to stand for high energy as other spas do because that may burn your skin.

You can pay into installments

If you buy full packages for laser hair removal, you will be able to pay into 2-5 installments depending on total payment. The installments will be simultaneously paid when you come for your treatment; therefore, you can easily plan for your monthly expenses. 

We accept payment by all kinds of credit card without any card fees.

Give us a try. Get effective result or your money back.

Note: Please be noted that if you have a fair hair (light blond), it’s better you get waxing. Laser does not work on fair hair.