Waxing Courses

Language: Tiếng Việt

Professional waxing courses from top to toes with hot and warm waxes

Our Waxing Courses are designed for those looking to learn how to safely and successfully carry out waxing treatments for body and bikini. Then, learners can wax body themselves or offer waxing service to clients.

Learners will be taught waxing theory and how to carry out waxing treatments. Additionally, we will also teach you safety procedures involved in practicing waxing treatments to an industry-standard.

Training location

Trainings are organized at Waxing House Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh

Who are trainers?

Our Vietnamese trainers were fully trained by the Australian experts and they have had at least 5 year experience at Waxing House.

If you are a foreigner, we can arrange a good English speaking trainer for you.


After the course, the certificate will be issued if you request.

Your certificate will be alike this:

Waxing House's certificate
Waxing House’s certificate

Please choose any of the below courses for your demand:

1. Full body waxing course

2. Brazilian Bikini waxing course

Full body waxing course

Full body waxing course
This course is designed for new waxers or for those who need advanced techniques for full body waxing, especially bikini wax.

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Brazilian, Bikini Wax Course

Brazilian, Bikini Wax Course
What does Bikini waxing course include? You will be taught how to apply and remove hot wax on bikini area professionally and safely with hot waxes.

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