Male laser hair removal

Effective laser hair removal for men in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh since 2010.

Male laser hair removal at Waxing House
Male laser hair removal at Waxing House

Laser hair removal for men has become more popular nowadays because men also need hair removal for comfortable feeling.

Everyone knows that good machines will provide high effectiveness and do not have bad impacts on the treated areas. Thus, choosing a reputable place to get effective laser hair removal is really important.

Waxing House have been providing laser hair removal for men since 2010 with the newest technologies. Our laser hair removal machines works effectively on men’s strong hair. You will feel much less painful during the treatment than taking the service at other spas.

Get good result with our male laser hair removal or 100% your money back.

Don’t waste your money on cheap laser hair removal with no effectiveness. Low-quality service may harm your skin.

What kinds of laser hair removal technologies?

We have 2 laser hair removal technologies:

  • E-light (combination of IPL and RF)
  • Triple diode laser (with 3 different wavelengths 755nm, 808nm, 1064nm)

Our machines are imported with approval of the Ministry of Health. Thus, the light will penetrate skin with precisely installed wavelengths which is safe for skin, effective for hair removal.

We update our machines every year to provide the best results and our machines work well on both men and women’s hair.

Long result is various depending on each situation. With young people or people with strong hormones, hair may start to regrow after some months. However, regrown hair is still very soft, not as strong as before the treatment.

With low quality machines, you even don’t see effectiveness after many sessions. Low quality machines may cause skin burning or hair does not fall out after the treatment.

How laser hair removal works and how many sessions?

After each session, your hair starts to fall out naturally after 1 – 2 weeks. Your regrown hair will be softer and thinner.

Please keep in mind that not all 100% of your hair will fall out after the first 1 session. Some strong hair will need more than 1 session to fall out.

You will need to repeat the treatment every 2-3 weeks for the best result. Normally, it takes at least 8-10 sessions to make your hair invisible. If you have light hair colors, strong hormones you may need more sessions than others. And, please be reminded that you may need touch-up session later for long-term result.

Men’s laser hair removal price list

Men’s laser hair removal price list
Men’s laser hair removal price list

Our good packages

Men’s service packages at Waxing House

If you stay in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh…

  • About 3-4 months: you should buy COMBO
  • More than 6 months: you should buy FULL PACKAGE

What are our laser hair removal steps?

  • Step 1: Shave the treated areas

You should shave your hair at home the day before if your skin is sensitive and dry.

(If your skin is dry, we will put nourishing lotion on your skin and wait for some minutes before moving to step 2. Other spas don’t care if your skin is dry or not)

  • Step 2: Proceed the laser hair removal treatment
  • Step 3: Put the specific after-treatment lotion to calm and prevent ingrown hair.

What SHOULD and SHOULD NOT do before/after LASER?

  • Avoid sunbathing at least 5-7 days before and after the laser
  • Avoid heat such as hot steaming, saunas, hot tubs & taking a bath with cool water in 24-48 hours after the laser.
  • It’s better you shave your hair and put the lotion on the treated area the day before laser. If you can not shave by yourself, our technician will shave when you come for the treatment.
  • For facial area, you must remove all make up, lotions or creams with your own cleanser at home before coming for laser to prevent any discomfort feeling.
  • For underarm treatment, don’t apply the deodorant 24-48 hours before and after the treatment
  • Don’t go swimming 5-7 days after the treatment

How often should I get laser for the best result?

The interval time between sessions is 2-3 weeks. It’s suggested to come back every 2-3 weeks for the best result until the hair becomes invisible.

In which case will I get my money back?

If you have taken 3 sessions and less than 10% of your hair falls out, you can claim for refund. We’ll refund you 100% of the paid amount. If you paid by credit cards, we’ll subtract 4% of total paid amount because it’s the bank’s charge for the card transaction via POS.

Note: Please be noted that if you have a fair hair (light blond), it’s better you get waxing. Laser does not work on fair hair.