Do’s – Don’ts before and after waxing

Guidlines before and after waxing

Do’s - Don'ts before and after waxing

Waxing has been a cheap, effective and popular method to remove unwanted hair. Most people do not prepare anything before waxing. After the hair roots have been pulled out by waxing at home or spas, they may think everything’s done. But there are important things you need to think about: before and after-wax care. 

It is essential that you follow guidelines before and after waxing. That helps to minimize the risk of potential skin problems such as: ingrown hairs, bacterial infections, rashes, itching, redness.

Let’s see what do’s and don’ts before and after waxing we should take note.

Do’s - Don'ts before and after waxing


  • Do wear cotton panties the day of your bikini or Brazilian wax.
  • Do get a bikini or Brazilian wax some days before or after your menstruation period because your skin is less sensitive.
  • Do grow your hair out to the correct length. The perfect length should be at least 7mm
  • Do make a reservation before coming to save your time for waiting
  • Do apply after-wax lotion on waxed areas the following days to nourish the skin and prevent ingrown hair


  • Don’t exfoliate 24 hours to 48 hours prior to waxing to avoid irritation.
  • Don’t coat your body with lotions, potions, creams or any of the sort the day of your wax, because that may prevent the wax to stick well on the hair
  • Don’t shave between waxing appointments because shaving promote the hair regrow faster and stronger
  • Don’t tan 24 hours to 48 hours before or after your wax
  • Don’t exfoliate within the first 7 days after waxing
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