Pigmentation and dark spot lightening

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Causes of freckle, pigmentation and dark spots

There are many causes of freckle, pigmentation and dark spots such as: improper skin care routine, hormonal changes, sunburn, medication, acnes…

Most Asian get pigmentation or dark spots after pregnancy. Women may get pigmentation due to using skin whitening creams with bleaching or harmful ingredients for long term. Fast whitening creams can whiten skin fast in short time but they weaken skin barrier, make skin become more sensitive; thus, the skin is affected more by sunlight and pollution.

Price for Pigmentation, freckle and darkspot lightening

With our modern machine and certified skin products, people with pigmentation and dark spot may consider following treatments:

Pigmentation, freckle & dark spot lightening Price (VND)
1Lighten/ Even skin tone with Vitamin C & lightening mask 790,000
2Pigmentation and freckle, dark spot removal with laser 1,200,000
3Pigmentation and freckle, dark spot improvement with standarad microneedling 1,500,000

All treatments are safe and effective because we use the high-quality machines and products. Besides, our staffs are well trained and they strictly follow the correct procedure of treatments. Therefore, your skin will need the minimal time for recovery.

Our goood packages

You can Consider our packages for the treatment below:

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How many sessions do I need? How soon can I see results?

Typically, people will need 1-3 sessions to see improvement on the treated area. The result will be visible in 4 weeks if you use suggested serums after the treatment.