Why does intimate area darkening happen? How can we lighten?

Why does intimate area darkening happen? How can we lighten?

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Intimate area darkening is very common, but why does it happen? You may want to know the causes to prevent the intimate area darkening or safely lighten bikini areas.

Why does intimate area darkening happen?

These are 7 causes of intimate area darkening:

1. Friction

Friction happens between the skin of your private area and fabrics of clothes, or your skin and other people’s skin. Wearing underwear that does not fit properly or clothing that is too tight can cause intimate area darkening. It can also be caused by activities such as doing gym, sex and even walking.

2. Hormonal changes and Genetics

More than more than 90% of women experience dryness, intimate area darkening due to natural hormonal changes. Hormonal changes such as puberty, pregnancy or menopause can darken  intimate areas. The gene is also a cause of dark skin in your bikini areas.

3. Using unsuitable intimate products

Intimate products such as intimate soaps, vaginal deodorants, talc can cause skin darkening and dryness. Stop using products if you see any bad change of the bikini areas.

4. Sweating

Sweating can darken the intimate area. This is due to the waste  products found in sweat. The role of sweating to eliminate waste products and toxicants. Sweat contains urea, salts, sugars, and ammonia. Those components stay on your skin’s surface, combine with bacteria in the air, then affect the skin’s color and texture over time. If you sweat a lot, your intimate area’s color becomes darker. To prevent sweat build-up, you can clean the area frequently.

5. Age

Maybe you have not heard, but age can play a role in intimate area darkening. Your skin gradually changes its elasticity, texture, and color when you get older. Aging can cause certain areas of the body to darken. Using intimate nourishing products can really help to slow down the aging procedure and reverse the darkening.

6. Frequent hair shaving

If you shave your intimate areas often, you might realize that they gradually darken. When you shave, the razor may scratch your skin that you do not know. Shaving makes the hair regrow more and stronger, that’s why you have to shave more and more. This procedure darkens your intimate areas.

7. Ventilation

Intimate area is normally kept private, covered by fabrics most of the time. The air cannot pass through, leading to the lack of ventilation in this area. That can cause the skin’s color to change to darker.

How can we lighten bikini areas?

There are some things you can do to prevent or lighten up darkened intimate areas.

1. Wear breathable, cotton clothing

2. Get bikini wax or bikini laser hair removal instead of shaving

Bikini waxing, or Brazilian waxing, removes the hair from the roots, so the hair regrows thinner each time. Or, you can get bikini laser hair removal to destroy the hair roots to make it invisble. With bkini laser or waxing, you don’t have to do every day or week, just once a month is enough.

3. Home recipes to lighten bikini areas

Home recipes to lighten bikini areas

There are so many home recipes with natural ingredients to lighten private parts.

You can use Potato, papaya juice to put on the bikini area for about 20 minutes, then wash off with lukewarm water.

Or, you can mix lemon juice with one of ingredients such as turmeric, aloe vera, yogurt, rice powder… Put the mixture on the private area for about 10-15 minutes, then wash off.

You can find a lot of recipes online, but be careful to apply them as you do not know if they cause skin irritation.

4. Using intimate lightening and nourishing products

Intimate lightening and nourishing cream
Intimate lightening and nourishing cream

Home recipes seem to take a lot of time to apply and are not convenient to do everyday. One easier and more convenient way to lighten the bikini area is using intimate lightening creams or gels.

Intimate lightening and nourishing products contain natural extracts, oils, vitamins, and they are ready to use. They help to restore the skin elasticity and safely lighten the skin. Please consider to choose the certified creams with good reviews.

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