How to choose a good bikini waxing place?

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There’re so many bikini waxing places, you don’t know if those places are hygiene, using good waxing products, reuse the waxes or not…. Following is needed information which may help you to choose a good place for your intimate wax.

How to choose a good bikini waxing place?

What are the determinants of a good bikini waxing service?

☘️ Products

Hot waxes, after wax oil and lotion: all should be professional (used for salons) products. That will decide if the hair roots can be completely removed, little or much redness after wax, hair grows back thinner or not in near future.

☘️ Waxing technique

Skillful staffs with good waxing technique will know how to remove your hair roots completely. They also make you feel comfortable with very little pain during waxing by their soft touch and correct wax removal.

☘️ Sanitation

Staffs must use disposable wooden sticks (no double dipping), gloves, bottom paper for preventing infection.

There are many places providing bikini wax, but not all are good. You may have heard that bikini wax is very painful, the waxes are reused, wooden sticks are double dipped, some spas even use only 1 metal stick for everyone…

So, what should be noted when choosing a bikini waxing place?

☘️ They use HOT wax (which is not used with a strip). Hot wax is specifically used for bikini wax.

☘️ Ask which brand of wax they use, where they are made. Normally, Chinese wax contains plastic or chemical ingredients that are not good for your skin. Chinese wax has a high melting point, it may cause skin burning feeling and much redness, easy to make hair broken, cannot remove all hair roots

☘️ They use New buttock paper + Wooden wax sticks (only dip once per tip in the pot) + Gloves when performing bikini wax to avoid infection

☘️ Use professional after wax oil and lotion, not massage oil or normal body lotion. Specific wax cleansing oil will completely remove wax residue without pore clogging and perfectly soothe the skin after wax. After wax lotion will additionally soothe and nourish the bikini area. It’s also safe to be used for intimate area.

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