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Waxing House provides FACIAL TREATMENTS from basic to advanced skin care, and specific treatments for skin troubles.

Basic facial care

Basic skin care will help to remove dead skin cell, rejuvenate and nourish your skin with additional nutrients during massage. Moreover, your skin will easily absorb more nutrients from your skin care products.

Advanced skin care

This normally the non-invasive treatment combination between professional ampoules and device to provide specific nutrients for your skin in order to achieve the result you want (firming, anti-wrinkle, pore minimizing, brightening, acne reduction)

Specific facial treatments

These are non-invasive or invasive treatments for serious skin troubles that can not be improved by only using products. Serious skin troubles includes acnes, acne scars, deep wrinkles, very large pore, pigmentation. With advanced equipment and cosmetics imported from Germany, Poland, Taiwan, our facial treatment is effective and safe for your skin. Come to Waxing House to improve your skin texture, or deal with skin troubles properly and safely.

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