Bikini wax during pregnancy: Is it safe?

Bikini wax during pregnancy

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Why do pregnant ladies need to remove their bikini hair?

  • Strong and thick hair at private part causes discomfort. Many pregnant ladies recognize more active sweat glands during this period. Thick hair makes the private area hot and keep sweat odor.
  • It is harder to clean your private part when your baby is growing day by day. Therefore, the bikini hair removal makes it easier to clean the private area.
  • During childbirth, most doctors or nurses will shave your private hair for hygiene reason. That’s why many women may not remove the private hair during pregnancy, but will remove their bikini hair before giving birth.

Which hair removal methods is safe during pregnancy?

The safe methods for bikini hair removal during preganancy are: shaving and waxing. Bikini wax has been as known a safe and better hair removal method for mother-to-be.

Why bikini wax during pregnancy is the better choice?

1. Bikini shaving

When you’re not pregnant, shaving your private hair is quite easy. But with a bigger belly and strong hair growth, bikini hair shaving is no longer easy. Additionally, hair grows back harder after shaving, causing itching and discomfort, especially after giving birth. Shaving is safe if you don’t scratch your private part. However, carefully consider shaving your bikini area before going to the hospital for birthgiving.

2. Bikini wax for mother-to-be

Waxing takes away hair follicles at the roots, making hair regrowth softer and thinner. But most pregnant ladies only think about bikini wax when they are about to go to the hospital for birthgiving as they are afraid of pain. Getting bikini wax the first time might be painful, but if you choose a professional waxing clinic, it won’t hurt much.

Important note when getting a bikini wax during pregnancy

Bikini wax for pregnant ladies is only safe when you get it at a professional waxing clinic. Mother-to-be should choose a reputable waxing clinic for a less painful and hygienic bikini wax.

Doing bikini waxing for mother-to-be requires professional waxing techniques that you may not think abbout. Besides, the waxing products have to be specifically made for sensitive skin. Additionally, new moms should be concerned about hygiene issues during the waxing process.

You should request more information about the clinic’s bikini waxing process, waxing products that they use before getting their service.

Bikini wax during pregnancy
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