Bikini hair removal: information you need to know

Bikini hair removal: information you need to know

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Bikini hair removal has become more and more popular nowaday. However, there are many concerns from girls about bikini hair removal.

Bikini hair removal: information you need to know
  • Why do you need to remove the bikini hair?
  • Popular methods for bikini hair removal
  • Safe bikini hair removal during pregnancy
  • Should I get a bikini wax at home or at a spa?
  • Is there anything I should avoid after a bikini wax?

If you are also looking for the answers of the above questions, please read the full article below.

Why do you need to remove the bikini hair?

Hair removal at the private part is to prevent and reduce the troubles caused by vaginal hair. These troubles can be:

  • Too much hair makes the private area always wet and has an unpleasant odor. Whenever urinating or when the monthly period comes, girls will have to use water to confidently clean their private parts.
  • Sweat, bacteria in the air, and dense pubic hair create a favorable environment for fungi and bacteria to grow. This can cause vaginal infections, itching or an unpleasant odor.
  • Strong and thick hair reduces sexual excitement due to increased friction and can cause pain.
  • Long or spreading hair makes you feel shy, lack of confidence when wearing bikini or sexy lingerie.

According to cosmetologists, hair removal at private parts can help women prevent gynecological infections caused by bacteria that reside in vaginal hair.

Genital hair removal also helps women be more confident by reducing unpleasant odors, easy to clean, and increasing excitement during sex.

You can choose to “trim the hair” or “remove all hair” at your private part depending on your preference.

Popular methods for bikini hair removal at home.
Public hair removal: shaving, using depilatory cream, waxing

There are 3 common public hair removal methods applied by girls at home:

1. Shaving

Shaving with a razor is a method that any girl will think about when she wants to remove her genital hair. However, those who have shaved their public hair realize that shaving will make the hair regrow stronger, thicker and more widespread. Moreover, girls will have to continuously shave weekly, even daily. The razor blade must rub against the skin to cut off the hairs, which gradually darken the bikini area’s skin.

2. Using depilatory cream

A lot of girls choose to use depilatory cream because it is painless, the hair regrowth appears slower than shaving. All you need to do is apply the cream onto the pubic area; after a while, the hair will become creamy, rinse the cream with water.

However, hair removal cream only melts the hair on the surface of the skin, not hair follicles. Therefore, using depilatory cream will make the hair grow back more and more widespread.

Also, depilatory creams are a mixture of chemicals that can melt the hair, which can irritate or darken your genital skin in long term. The smell of depilatory cream is also not pleasant.

Depilatory cream is not a safe hair removal method for the public area during pregnancy.

3. Waxing

Bikini hair removal with specific wax is called Brazilian wax or bikini wax. This method has been popular in America and Europe since the 70s and 80s and has been increasingly popular in Asia in recent years.

Bikini waxing with hot wax
Bikini waxing with hot wax can completely remove all hair root

Hot waxes will help remove hair follicle by the roots, causing hair to regrow thinner and sparser. Although the bikini wax is a bit painful, it takes the hair longer time to regrow than shaving and using depilatory cream. The most important things are: it does not darken the bikini’s skin or makes hair grow back harder and more widespread.

Nevertheless, if you do not want to remove all the hair, you can easily trim or shape your public hair as desired with bikini waxing. And, bikini waxing is also a safe hair removal method during pregnancy.

The advantages of bikini wax:

  • Safely remove hair follicles. The hair regrow thinner and sparser. Gradually reduce the pores.
  • Hair regrows more slowly, without spreading like shaving or using depilatory cream
  • Bikini waxing also removes dead cells from the skin’s surface. The genital area is easier to absorb the nutrients from the lotion.

Safe bikini hair removal during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body’s hormones change, the vaginal discharge increases, the sweat glands excrete more, causing an unpleasant odor. Besides, the genital hair grows thicker than before. During birthgiving, most doctors will shave the private area. After giving birth, some women also have menorrhagia, or easy to get vaginal infections. Therefore, many pregnant women get hair removal for their private parts to easily clean before, during and after giving birth.

So, which bikini hair removal method is safe during pregnancy?

When the pregnant women come to later months, it is more difficult them to clean their genitals, so bikini hair removal is really necessary. Using a razor can easily scratch your skin. Depilatory creams contain too many chemicals and should not be used by pregnant women.

If you want to safely remove your public hair during pregnancy and before birthgiving, bikini waxing is the only option. Bikini wax will remove hair as much or little as you want without affecting the genital area and the fetus.

You should go to a professional, reputable spa for the bikini wax to ensure the least painful and safe waxing. Shoul not do bikini wax at home during pregnancy.

Bikini wax for pregnant ladies

Should I do bikini wax at home or get it done at a spa?

As mentioned above, bikini waxing has many advantages compared with shaving and using depilatory creams. And, bikini waxing is safe for pregnant and pre-birthgiving women.

You can wax your bikini yourself at home, but it can be painful and takes much time. Doing a bikini wax with little pain and without skin scratches is not easy. Bikini waxing can be difficult if you are not familiar with waxing techniques. Addittionally, you also have to buy wax pots, hot wax, wax sticks, after-wax oil, after-wax lotion… Many women have to suddenly stop when waxing their bikini at home themselves because it is too much painful.

Therefore, if your waxing technique is not good, or you are pregnant, you should get your bikini waxed at a good spa.

Is there anything I should avoid after a bikini wax?

It’s the best not to go swimming within 5-7 days after a bikini wax. Swimming pool water contains a lot of Chlorine, which can dry out the skin and is not good for the private area after waxing.

If you get bikini waxing at a clean, professional spa, you won’t need to worry about anything else. You can still take a bath, do activities as usual. Just be noted that it’s better not to use too hot water on the first day after waxing. You can use warm and cool water.

Price for bikini waxing at Waxing House

Waxing House has been providing bikini waxing service to thousands of customers since 2010. We have served both Vietnamese and foreign customers.

In addition to a professional and safe bikini waxing process, Waxing House is also highly appreciated for its service price and quality. Price for bikini waxing at Waxing House ranges from 100.000 400.000 VND depending on customized bikini wax: just bikini line, full bikini or Brazilian wax.

Price for bkini or Brazilian waxing at Waxing House

A good bikini wax is not painful and completely removes the hair root. That depends on two main factors: the staff’s skill and the product’s quality.

Waxing House’s staff

It takes our staffs at least 3-6 months of learning and practice to be able to do good bikini waxing for clients. Therefore, you should seriously consider these two factors when choosing a spa to get your bikini waxed.

Hopefully, this article has helped you get a better background about bikini hair removal. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or contact us.

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